In architectural practice, it is often impossible to transfer idea into building instantaneously; rather, that idea must be converted through several mediums before it is able to exist in its final physical condition. In order to ensure a lossless conversion process, it is essential that this procedure is practiced and refined.

The fondue abstraction is a practice in this procedure, evolving as follows:

preparation/cooking process (fondue)→photography→photo-manipulation/collage→line→vector field→model

Each stage of this evolution deals with the act of mixing and combining, recognizing that any process of food preparation is not a finite event: things have been mixed before you purchased them, and they will be remixed internally once you have consumed them. In converting this concept through several means of representation, this “continual mixing” principle was not lost before reaching its final state as model, but rather, was enriched by the multiple mediums through which it passed.

Studio: Abstraction | Critic: Monica Tiulescu | Spring 2007
Fondue: Mixing/Remixing/Cooking/Combining
Layered Mylar Drawings and Photocollage
Fondue Abstraction Model
Model Perspective and Section Drawings