A study of the "vectors" within Bernard Tschumi’s Lerner Hall.

Our perception of this vector-space is rendered two-dimensional by the large, flat façade of the building. As the ramps run parallel to the curtain wall, and the student mail services run along these ramps, the façade assumes the role of screen, presenting student activity as an ant-farm of sorts.

In this space, the head-on crisscrossing of paths becomes much more likely, and likewise, more apparent. The interaction of individuals in this two dimensional realm therefore becomes dependant upon the time period in which these paths are traced.

This project traces the paths of eleven individuals through the space, in terms of the two spatial dimensions (X, Y) apparent in the façade, over a four hour period.

In this study, we begin to see that the interaction of individuals within the hall is much less dependant upon intersections in standard 3-space (X, Y, Z), but derives, rather, its value from its placement in a system dependant upon time (X, Y, TIME).

Studio: Perception | Critic: Madeline Schwartzman | Fall 2006
Stitched Collage illustrates the paths of 11 individuals through Lerner Hall over a 4 hour time period.
Path Models (extracted from collage)
The model compresses the paths of the eleven individuals presented in the collage into one space-time display. Colored squares and thread key these paths with the collage, indicating which individual is represented, and when their path began in the four-hour time-spectrum.