The Roving Library Unit explores the dual functionality of a library: that of providing information and that of collecting information (GIVE vs. GATHER). It takes the retrieval of information into its own hands, while simultaneously providing a greater amount of easily accessible information to its users.
It is both bookmobile and briefcase laboratory.

It combines the tactile solidity of books with the fluid intangibility of digital media.
It is both boulder and balloon (information=helium).

It understands the role of the library in collecting/cataloguing/containing local life: by recording the everyman and by recognizing his everyword, it shall become a mechanized outlet of emotion in a city of emotionless mechanisms. It will encourage a new voyeurism–capturing in turn a greater girth of information on the psychology of Manhattanites.

It will gather as much media as possible: just as man’s capabilities in storing information have increased,

stone→paper→books→ … →kilobyte→megabyte→gigabyte→terabyte

so must he expand the genres/amounts of data which he is willing to collect:

basic rules→great events→political policy→census data→daily news/temperature→ … →EVERYTHING

Information is everywhere. It must be gathered on site.
Information is needed everywhere. It must be given where it is wanted.

Studio: Design II | Critic: Janette Kim | Spring 2008